Inside the Boiler Room: Disrupting Digital Messaging with an Analogue Solution

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In an age of ubiquitous digital communication, Fountain repositioned the hand-written greeting card for the high-end market.

Kunal Sheth has responded to the digital revolution by moving analogue into the luxury space. With digital communication now the default, Kunal empowers real estate developers and dutiful sons and daughters alike to send beautiful hand written cards to clients and parents, respectively.

The sentiments and words are from Fountain Greetings‘ customers. The outstanding calligraphy is from his trained staff. Don’t worry about backing up these messages in the cloud because his cards are beautiful objects on their own displayed by the people who probably cannot remember the last time they received a greeting card in the mail. (more…)

Inside the Boiler Room: Disrupting Barriers to Health Information

Improving health outcomes by delivering personalized, accessible and timely medical information curated from thousands of scientific journals and clinical trials.

Tal Givoly is disrupting the mobile health industry and how patients and caregivers use the internet. Why? He has a better way where medical information is personalized, updated, understandable, and most importantly, actionable for patients and their caregivers.

Givoly saw this need up close when he was looking for information to help save his daughter from congestive heart failure. His New York City-based startup, Medivizor, spares the patient hours of fruitless internet searches and enables healthcare providers to involve patients in managing their health in an effective way that serves both patient and doctor. (more…)

Inside the Boiler Room: Disrupting Medical Imaging

Team Live Longer

Team Live Longer

Saving lives through early detection, using smartphones for remote diagnosis of patients in under-served areas.

Boiler Room Update (May 2015): AlexaPath won the American Society of Engineers (ASME) competition for Best Hardware Led Social Innovation. Also in May 2015, it’s manuscript on mobile Whole Slide Imaging (mWSI) was accepted for publication by the peer-reviewed medical journal, BMJ.

Lou Auguste is disrupting the medical imaging industry and cervical cancer diagnosis. Why? His company wants to reduce cervical cancer mortality rates by using smartphones to turn microscopes into medical imaging devices. He is specifically targeting under-served countries bereft of an adequate number of pathologists. (more…)