Executive Webinar

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Thursday, April 30, 2015
1:00-1:30pm EST

Executive Webinar: How Big Data Changes the Way Decisions Are Made

Presenter: Vincent Suppa, HR Avant-Garde Founder

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The key to getting value from big data is in processing it for insights and improved decision making. Join NetCom Learning trainer, Vincent Suppa, along with business and technical training leader NetCom Learning for a complimentary webinar to gain a definitive and practical understanding of how you can leverage Big Data and avoid being obviated by it.

This Webinar Will Cover:

  • How big data drives three business data collection shifts
  • Datafication and its role in how inference and probability obviates business intuition
  • What is the best way an employee can create value when big data drives better & quicker decisions than the seasoned professional?
  • Q&A with Vincent

For more information and to register: Executive Webinar