CTO/Co-Founder (Filled)


Location: New York, NY

Compensation: 20-25% equity

Industry: Tech


Throwstream enables you to discover and contribute to topics you identify with most. You explore the App for user generated topics we call “Streams.” A Stream is essentially a constant flow of photos and videos. When watching a Stream, a photo is shown for 2.5 seconds and a video up to 10 seconds. Anyone can contribute photos or videos to a Stream. You have the option to follow Streams you find interesting. Following a Stream pins it to your favorite page. This allows you to receive notifications whenever new content gets added to that Stream. In addition, you have ability to create a new Stream. As the creator, you have the power to decide what content flows through your Streams.

We need you to come on board as our CTO to manage, maintain and scale the code as we move forward.  We are looking for someone who is passionate about the vision of this company.

Your roles would include:
• Define the company’s software development methodology.
• Participating in discussions about new features and changes for the App
• Discussing and implementing new features within the App based on customer response and feedback
• Establish and supervise a quality assurance process, including integration and system testing.
• Implementing App specific performance measurements and metrics
• Identifying technology trends and evolving social behaviors that may support or impede the success of the App
• Handle debugging issues forwarded from our customer relationship management
• Identifying and fixing possible flaws within our current code
• Optimize data structures within our backend and front-end
• Managing Amazon Web Services and scaling it according to our needs
• Communicate the company’s technology strategy to management, staff
• Manage future employees in the technical department
• Establish and supervise the app’s development process, setting short-term objectives and assessing progress as defined by the selected software development methodology.
• Overall hustler and nice guy

Interested candidates should send resumes to info@throwstream.com and include job reference number: 942.

We built the vision and mission of Throwstream’s on our strong personal beliefs of empathy and collaboration. Throwstream is creating a product that allows people to discover and contribute to topics they identify with most. Through our product, we hope to empower people with a greater sense of belonging & commonality. The culture at Throwstream resonates with both our vision and mission. We believe in intensive communication, collaboration and transparency among team members. Despite our different skill sets, we believe in helping and caring for the development and personal growth of other team members. i.e lots of love If you truly resonate with our vision, we would love to have you as a part of our team.