With ever increasing compressed product life cycles, innovation is now the norm for companies to merely survive as opposed to thrive. While inventions convert cash to an idea, innovations convert ideas into cash by creating tangible and monetized benefits.

Some jobs, because of the way they are positioned, are unfortunately viewed as high risk / low visibility. The HR professional, though, who uses the “portfolio of innovation” tool to update their CEO on a quarterly basis will have a high visibility / low risk tool with considerable consolidated diagnostic benefits for the entire C-Suite.

In this webinar, learn how to segment core, adjacent and transformational innovations and how each segment is systematically funded in R&D budget lines.

Methodologies force data points into patterns, fostering quicker time-to-market strategic decision making. Learn how HR can aggregate all ongoing innovation projects into a single “portfolio of innovation” sheet to produce the pattern recognition CEOs require as their indispensable tool. The portfolio of innovation methodology functions as a dashboard indicator to all simultaneously deployed innovations, giving the organization a bird’s eye view of their organization.

This webinar will teach you how HR can assume responsibility for maximizing visibility, managing project risk, and optimally timing the roll out of new initiatives, all while achieving synergies among seemingly competing innovation projects.

Vincent Suppa works with startups and investors and teaches graduate courses at New York University. His email is suppa@suppa.org.

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