Interview with Livestreaming Attorney Mitch Jackson

#LivestreamStars Mitch Jackson Ross Brand

#LivestreamStars: Livestream Universe editor Ross Brand talks with Mitch Jackson of

Monday, January 25, 2016
7pm ET on Blab

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Mitch Jackson is pioneering livestreaming for the legal profession. The 2013 California Trail Attorney of the Year, Mitch is a popular host on Periscope, guest on Blab and content producer on SnapChat. He is a featured speaker at livestreaming and social media marketing events, including the Periscope Community Summit and Social Media Marketing Week. His website,,  covers business and legal issues, offers actionable advice to people seeking to build their business or personal brand on social media and contains replays of his livestreams.

Ross Brand is co-founder of HR Avant-Garde and editor of He hosts #LivestreamStars at 7pm ET on Mondays.

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