Executive Webinar: Goal Setting: A Traditional & Cognitive Approach

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Thursday, September 24, 2015
1:00-1:30pm EST

Executive Webinar: Goal Setting: A Traditional & Cognitive Approach

Presenter: Vincent Suppa, HR Avant-Garde Founder

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Join NetCom Learning trainer, Vincent Suppa, along with business and technical training leader NetCom Learning for a complimentary webinar to gain a definitive and practical understanding of Goal Setting – A Traditional & Cognitive Approach.


Of all the variables correlated against a person’s success, none is more attributed to personal achievement than goal setting – the one course they do not teach in school.

» Seven Keys to Goal Setting
» The role of operant conditioning in goal setting
» The latest updates in goal setting from neurobiology.
» Q&A with Vincent.

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Featured Speaker: Vincent Suppa, HR Avant-Garde Founder

  • CEO of HR with business literacy in finance, strategy & technology.
  • Efficiency expert with operational experience in Hi-Tech, Telecom, Health Care, Non-Profit & Government sectors.
  • Former founding SHRM chapter President.
  • NYU graduate professor.
  • SarderTV speaker